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The Detox Contouring Treatment is a compression wrap done to bring circulation to areas that have a buildup of waste and need more stimulation. This treatment is designed to rid the body of toxins and lose inches. Generally, this is something clients want for immediate results, for example, a wedding or class reunion. You can do two to three wraps a week and get some profound changes in just a short time. After we head into EMS to treat problem areas more in depth. EMS works to refine and tone muscles almost all over the body. It enhances muscle strength and endurance while aiding in the breakdown of fat, making this non-invasive body treatment a highly demanded one. Meanwhile, cellulite therapy serves its own unique purpose- to stimulate blood circulation, thus unblocking energy channels and breaking down fat cells. This is an essential part of many body slimming treatments. Plus, it is great for promoting healthy weight loss! This service is best when done in a series and is supported by our home care products with your professional guidance.

3 Sessions-Detox, EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) & Cellulite Vacuum Therapy

$465.00 Regular Price
$390.00Sale Price
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